Not Better – More Stubborn

There are five people, including myself, in my building who are running the McDonalds Half Marathon in Richmond, VA on November 12. Three of us are in the same program. Two are doing different training programs. Over the last three months, we have sort of kept up with each others’ programs. It has been kind of fun examining the differences.

This morning, we sort of came together to discuss our last long run which was, coincidentally, 12 miles for all the programs (one girl ran 13 the week before and was already tapering). I was the only dumbass out of all of us that ran it in the bone-chilling monsoon we had on Saturday. Everyone else was smart enough to hold off until Sunday to run it in the still cold, but sunny weather.

For me, however, changing up days was never an option. Several factors came into play. First, I am stubborn. It’s maybe not the healthiest trait I could have, but it’s gotten me through some mighty tough times, so I’m sticking with it. Second, if we have that kind of weather on race day would I chicken out? Heck no! See item the First. Thirdly, and most importantly, I only had childcare on Saturday morning.

I dunno, would I be a better, faster, stronger runner if I didn’t have to work around three other schedules besides my own? It’s not something I’m eager to find out. My kids need me. In order for me to be there for them, I have to take care of my own needs. At least this way they see me doing the thing that is hard. It’s my hope that they will remember mommy doing the hard thing when it is time for them to gut through something. It doesn’t have to be running. It could be the SAT exam, or building a better pinewood derby car, or even wearing the clothes to school that mommy picked out when they’d rather wear jeans and a ratty T-shirt.

Doing the hard thing means allowing my calf to have the next few days to heal, and then finishing the training for the next two weeks as best I can. It means saying no to the Halloween candy in the house, and eating properly. It also means not beating myself up for not finishing my 12 miler on Saturday.

Don’t beat yourself up and run happy.

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