Defining Crap – Or why I need new toys.

Sometimes a crap run is just a crap run. You move on. Yesterday was crap.

Ok, so the whole run wasn’t crap. The first 4 miles were actually pretty awesome. The bad thing is, I didn’t gel when I needed to, and I was dehydrated. These things, plus overdressing = crap run.

Funny how even though the majority of the run was actually pretty wonderful, I call the whole thing out on the crappy parts. Part of me is thinking that I’m just pissed that I didn’t get to do my long run with the team. I missed my girls.

Also, I was listening to a podcast that was about 20 minutes shorter than my run so I ended up hearing it 1.5 times because I’m too dumb to figure out how to change it while the Nike+ is doing its thing.

What I really want is a Garmin. (Insert angels singing hallelujah.) Pam has a Garmin, though that’s not the only reason I hang out with her. The thing is amazing. It times our splits, tells us how far we’ve run. I’m told it also connects to a heart rate monitor and will let you train with a virtual partner. Then the thing hooks up to the internet and saves all that yummy data for obsessive compulsive review at a later date.

Yeah. Totally want one. Just can’t decide if I want the bulky 305 (cheaper), or the slick 405 (almost 2x as much).

Source: None via Krista on Pinterest

Garmin 305

Source: via Krista on Pinterest

Garmin 405

Maybe I won’t be so worried that a whole run sucked when I can prove by the numbers that only the last 3 miles of it were bad.


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