Runs with Yarn

The half marathon is only 25 days away. This is the point in time where I start getting nervous. I’m pretty sure I can go the distance. That part doesn’t bother me. What does worry me is fear of injury. What if I put all this work into preparing for 13.1 miles and I can’t run it the day of the race because I’ve damaged myself?

Saturday we ran a lot of urban miles. Ten of them! We spent a fair portion of our run navigating heaved pavement; broken sidewalks, potholes, cobble stones, and curbs. Between that, and being easily distracted (ooh,shiny!), I constantly worry that I’m going to end up having a close up and personal conversation with the cement. Or maybe I’ll develop a stress fracture, or this pain in my heel will suddenly get worse. Oh no! The sky is falling!

Maybe I worry about it because that’s what happened in my last half marathon. My knee, which had been unstable from the beginning of training, hurt so much by mile 10 that I had to walk the last 5K. It was an humiliating end to what was supposed to be the dynamic beginning to my “healthiest decade ever”. Oh well, I got a PR and a medal out of the deal anyway. But this time I want to get to the finish line well before the announcer stops calling out the runners and they run out of food.

Maybe that’s why I’m distracting myself with planning what I want to do next. You know, after my glorious victory and shiny new PR. Ahem.

So I’m thinking of doing one of several things: (i) start a more advanced program for the half; (ii) do some speed training with the aim towards a fast 10K (a distance I’ve never raced); (iii) run easy for a while and decide what I want to run after the first of the year; (iv) take a break from running and go back to weightlifting with a focus towards core work; (v) diet to lose this last 25 pounds and then start running again, and perhaps get back into fencing for fun. I’d love to hear anyone’s opinions on those, or some other option.

On an unrelated note, I’m still knitting (mostly ignoring) baby blankets: but I was tickled pink on Saturday when we ran past a bus shelter that had been yarn bombed. Now I’m really wishing I carried a camera on these runs. I see the coolest stuff! Don’t know what yarn bombing is? Here’s an example:


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