Midweek Miles Matter

I’m feeling positive about the half marathon coming up. It’s only 32 days away now and I have to stop slacking on my mid-week miles. It’s going to be a wet week, so I decided to do my 5 miler today instead of later. It’s a good time to do it because Sunday was a cross training day (sod cutting and gardening – brutal!) and yesterday was a rest day. Anyway, the Nike+ is still not calibrated right because it says I did the distance in 48 minutes. Likely, it’s short by the better part of a mile. At least they were hilly as hell miles. That should count for something.

The rest of the week features two 3 milers and a 10 miler for a weekly total of 21. When training for my last race, the 10 mile run was my personal measure of success. Ten miles is finally double digits in a single run. After that, I guess I gave up figuring that if I can run ten, I can do a 5k afterwards no probs.

Wrong! I proved myself so wrong. Those mid-week miles are essential. Those later long runs are essential. I NEED to keep my miles up this time. I will not run ten miles of this half marathon like I did the last time. There is no excuse. None.

This is a good illustration why all those miles matter:

Source: flickr.com via Krista on Pinterest


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