Nine Miles & the Nickle Bridge

We are steadily upping the miles in our half marathon training team. I made it through the nine mile run this morning, but this is the first run where I struggled.
Here’s a picture from around 4 miles. I’m the one in the yellow in the center. The fun chick on the left is my running buddy, Pam:

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Lessons learned:

1. Eat a better breakfast. Two slices of bread on the way out the door are insufficient.
2. I need a gel at 4 and again at 8 miles, and will probably need another at 11. I tried to wait until 5 miles and ran out of energy in my tank at 4.5.
3. Mike & Ikes are better on my gut than gummy bears.
4. Should probably consider drinking a sports drink instead of water on longer runs.

Other than that, the weather was perfect. It was 57 on our way out and 65 by the time we finished. Splits were 12:02, 12:30, 12:35, 12:42, 12:29, 12:38, 12:34, 12:40, 12:21

The last quarter mile was really rough. I couldn't get enough air and was wheezing pretty hard by the end. My friend and one of the coaches took good care of me and after a short walk, my breathing was better. Since I've never had trouble breathing before, I'm assuming my VO2 max needs to adapt to the distance. This picture is in the last quarter mile. The lady in the orange hat is coach Vicki pulling me up that last hill with her voice.:

Next Saturday – 10 miles. Hopefully not as hilly, though the pre-dawn run across the nickle bridge in the fog was pretty awesome. There were a million spiderwebs decked out in dew, blowing in the wind. Wish I had my camera! Did you know that when 500 runners are on the bridge, the thing sways like hell?


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