It’s just a 5 miler from here.

We are a little more than half way through our training for the Richmond/McDonalds half marathon. The longest run so far has been 8 miles which was run last weekend in a mix of fog, rain, and heavy humidity. I ran it in an hour and 42 minutes, which is around 12.45 minutes per mile. Speedy Gonzales, I am not.

One of the coaches sent out an email today pointing out that those of us (yup, me) who are not getting all of their mid-week mileage are more likely to be injured. Right now I am dealing with some pain in my right foot and trying to balance running with recovery.

I bought a foam roller the other night which has actually lived up to its hype and appears to be helping. Still feeling guilty about missing those miles though. I’m short about 3 miles a week on a fairly consistent basis.

The last two weeks have been particularly challenging as my husband has finally gotten a job (temporary though it is). He is working 7 days a week, 10 hours a day. This is really affecting our mutual schedule and it is difficult to fit in everything around keeping the children’s schedules as well as our own. I really miss our old babysitter. She was the best!

On a sour note – I mentioned my foot pain on a running board I frequent and someone cited my weight as the cause, suggesting that I cut down my mileage and concentrate on losing pounds. Although it was a sensible suggestion, and kindly meant, I’m sure, it hurt.

What are you going to do, right? I made the decision back in April to run this race. I have lost nearly 10 pounds since then. While that does not seem like much, for me it is a huge accomplishment. Losing weight while race training is hard because I feel like I am starving all of the time due to the calorie burn.

So yes, while losing weight would help in all kinds of ways, I’m not willing to give up my race to do it. It’s times like these when I feel my most frustrated. I don’t feel like putting off my life just because I’m a size 12 and not a 4.

Fine. Rant mode off. Going to bed now.


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