School Daze and Other Fine Things

It feels as if it has been raining forever. We had that hurricane a couple of weeks back and then we have had to deal with the remnants of tropical storm Lee all of this week. According to my rain gauge, we have had almost 4 inches of rain since Tuesday.

The rain has come in deluges, with thunder and lightning and even some scary high winds. Tuesday night I even got up in the middle of the night worried that we were having a tornado. But I checked the phone and it didn’t show any warnings and I crawled back into bed. Sleepus Interruptus Maximus!

Oh lookie. It’s thundering even as I type this. Yippee.

It’s a good thing this is a training step back week because I’ve only gotten one good run in so far. If I were smart, I would pack a gym bag so I could hit the treadmill on the way home.

In other news, I’ve been knitting a lot. As much as I would love to be working on Moe’s Masonic socks, or my colorwork tam, or even finishing up the two sweaters that have only tiny amounts left to do, I have had to focus on other projects. We have a number of expectant mothers at the office and I have been making baby blankets. It might seem faster to make booties and hats, but I’m enjoying the mindless blanket knitting for my TV watching.

Soon I will get back to my more fun projects. It would be nice to finish up a few projects so that I can free up the needles and, oh I don’t know, actually enjoy wearing what I’ve made? LOL

The kids went back to school this week. Sadly, I don’t have pictures because I leave for work long before they are ready. It took us several days, but now we seem to have the bus stops and scheduling straightened out. Poor kids. They have had to wait in the rain every day this week.

The boys love their respective schools. Trip is skipping 4th grade math and has some exciting projects scheduled besides. Makes me wish I could go to his school! Christopher is enjoying 1st grade and has made several friends already. *happy sigh*

The boys are boggled by the class I’m taking. Lucky me gets the benefit of “continuing education” required by my job. The current class has 12 texts. When I brought them home tonight, Trip exclaimed that he will never complain about his homework again in the hopes that he never has as much as I do. While it is cool that the bank pays for these classes, this one is pretty excessive for someone who has been in the business as long as I have. Oh well. Whatever it takes to keep my credit hours in the black, I guess. Should have been a plumber….


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