Interesting Times

They say that we live in interesting times and I think it’s true. The last several weeks have had way more than their share of “interesting” happenings. Certainly everyone has heard of the earthquake and hurricane Irene. My family is very fortunate that we suffered no damage or loss of electricity as many of our friends and acquaintances did. Some of our friends had no power for up to six days following the storm!

Training for the McDonalds Half Marathon is going well. Of course, I’m pretty chuffed about running a five miler in the leading edge of hurricane Irene a week and a half ago. It actually wasn’t too bad except for the wind gusts on the highway overpass. Then last week was a six miler which also went well until the last 3/10s of a mile. My laces must have been too tight because my toes fell asleep and I lost the will to run up the last two hills. If I’m going to be honest with myself, that’s what happened. My brain always gives out before my body does. I completely agree with those that say that running is more of a mental sport than a physical one.

When I realized that I haven’t done these distances in two years, it makes me a bit sad. My plan was to be more fit in my forties than before. What really happened is that I trained for one big race and bowed out entirely when it was done. Sure, I belong to a gym, but I rarely go. I’m embarrassed. It seems silly to be embarrassed to be a fat, middle aged woman at a gym. After all, those places are supposed to encourage journeys to higher fitness. But my gym is full of very fit 20-somethings and they make me feel ashamed to be there – as if I didn’t have a right. Gah!

That’s my stupid brain telling me what to do again.

In other news, the children have started back to school and they love it. Trip is in the gifted program at a new school (his 5th school in so many years!). The learning is more of a Montessori concept which has really raised his enthusiasm levels to a new high. He isn’t too keen on the hour-plus bus ride each way though. Christopher loves first grade. No telling how long that is going to last, but he appears to be adapting well so far.

So that’s life south of the river city. Race training, back to school, and brain wrestling. Interesting times seem to be behind us.


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