Running Progress

Whenever I start running again I wonder why I ever stopped. Ok, form issues cause problems with my hip and knee, but other than that it’s all a win. Want to know the best part? I don’t get headaches. When I wasn’t running, I was taking up to 8 ibuprofen a day for chronic headaches. No idea why this is. Could be better sleep, hydration, or circulation. Whatever the reason, yay!

Then I see pictures of me running and I’m struck by two things. First, that I have some killer leg muscles. Check it out –

I’m the pale one on the right in black. That’s Pam, my long run buddy, in the middle. The picture was taken by our awesome team photographer, Charles Schussler. He comes out every week to record our progress. How cool is that?

The other thing I really notice is that I look a lot fatter than I feel. I love foods that aren’t exactly figure friendly. Fried potatoes, hot dogs, cheese burgers, pizza and donuts have me at their mercy. This isn’t a poor-me lament, just a realistic observation. Gotta work on that. My knee will feel better if I drop 30 pounds.

Anyway, it’s 83 days to the race and I’m doing well. We’ve started upping the weekly mileage and it’s been fine so far. I like the training plan and the coaches a lot. It is definitely way different from the solo training I’ve relied on in the past. Shoot, on yesterday’s long run they even had a water stop set up half way through so I don’t even have to carry supplies with me.

Have any of you trained for a race before? What’s your favorite place to run? Do you like running alone, or prefer training with a group?


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