Glassy Goodness and other Hijinks

My kids headed off to summer camp on Sunday so my husband and I took a couple of friends up on their offer to come hang out for an afternoon. The men went off to work on a home renovation project, and the ladies geeked over glass. For those who haven’t followed me on previous blog adventures, Christine of A Hot Piece of Glass and I have been co-conspiring on glass-related projects since we met more than 10 years ago. We have pushed each other on increasingly challenging research & development projects, and generally support each other in our various art-related endeavors which reach well beyond just glass. Last year we even went on a pilgrimage of sorts to Corning, NY to attend a seminar on Medieval glass making where we got to meet some of our glass heroes, dive into some really amazing research in the museum library, and even do some real glass-blowing!

So when I tell you that we were glass-geeking, you know we have been doing some seriously in depth plotting and hands-on experimentation.

Lately, Christine has been doing a lot of work in copper and has spent a not-small amount of effort branching out into enameling. I’ve done a fair bit of enameling on glass, but not much on metal and was stoked to be able to fire up her torch (stoked-fire, ha ha!! I’m so 12 years old.) to fuse some glass onto copper. The process was cool and I ended up with a few simple pieces to incorporate into a cool project later on down the road.

Aren’t they nifty? The purple and green dangle is one of Christine’s and the robin’s egg blue and red ones are mine. Yeah, they just look like simple circles right now, but I know they have an awesome destination. All I have to do is figure out what it is. It sort of makes me sad that I closed my online shop and there’s no excuse to make tons more. Anyway, with the tools I already have, it looks as if I can transition into a workable setup for a reasonable financial outlay.

I haven’t been doing much glass lately. For the last year, my workshop has been in storage; but before that, it simply got too cost-prohibitive to do the type of work I was concentrating on without a sales outlet to fund it. This has a smaller time and financial commitment which means I can probably do it on a hobby basis. I can’t wait to start experimenting on my own! There are several hands-on archeology type projects involving enameling that I’ve been dying to do.

Oh, and I simply have to rave about Travis & Christine’s awesome homemade gyros! They made everything from scratch, even the pitas, and they tasted so authentic. I’m salivating right now just thinking about it. Of course, I had to mention that they’d be great with wine, and Christine produced a fantastic bottle of Merlot. It was perfect. I promised to reciprocate so I’m trying to come up with ideas for a great dinner.

Don’t make that face. Of course I can cook. It’s just that Moe likes cooking and I don’t so I let him do it all. But when it comes to a dinner party, I’m all over it. I love me a dinner party!

In other news, the chair re-do got rave reviews from my Mom when she came to visit on Saturday. Since she gave us the chair, I was a bit nervous about her reaction. It felt really good to have her good opinion of my first attempt at slipcovering. There are now evil plans afoot to do something fun with the tatty side table in the rec room. I’ll keep ya’ll posted on the project when I finally drag it off the ground.

Also, the SunTrust half marathon in Richmond, VA is less than 100 days away. I started working out with the training team on Saturday morning and had a great time pumping out my three-miler with the rest of the crew through the streets of downtown Richmond. There are some awesome people on the team and I’m really looking forward to next week’s run. Go Penguins!


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