The Reveal

So for the last few days I’ve been teasing you all with the Pinterest Challenge originally introduced to you here: How Pinteresting

I saw a ton of really awesome reupholstery & slipcover projects on Pinterest like this one

and this one:

Source: via Krista on Pinterest

The problem is the chair I picked didn’t quite lend itself to the slipcover treatment, and I didn’t want to spend more than $10 on the project, which I would have needed to do in order to reupholster it.

For reference, you may remember the chair from this post: Back in designer mode.

You can see the fabric folded on the chair. There are 2 yards of flocked linen there. I also made 5 yards of black velvet welting with a half yard of black velveteen & some cotton cording. I had to purchase some wood putty to fix the many dings and scratches on the arms from multiple trips in moving trucks. I also bought a can of black spray paint to make the wooden arms and legs better match the new fabric and clean them up.

I started by taping trash bags over the old fabric, and spray painted the wooden parts after puttying & sanding. I then made a boatload of welting (that’s the contrast colored cord on the seams for you non-sewers). Once I began pin-fitting the top of the chair I realized that a true slipcover wasn’t going to happen because the construction of the arms just wouldn’t allow it. Rather than attempt some sort of velcro solution, I just basted the bottom part of the back to the chair. Who cares if I wash it? After all, the chair hasn’t ever been washed and it’s fine. If anyone is interested in the details or tutorials, I can post them later.

Anyway, not counting the cost of the items I already had on hand, the project came in between $8-9 dollars so definitely under the $10 goal. Woot! Here are pictures of the finished chair. Sorry they’re so bad. My camera is messed up so I had to take them with my webcam.

Anyway, I want to thank John & Sherry, Katie, HGTV’s Emily Henderson, and Lana for their challenge for getting me off my butt and actually doing one of the things I’ve been dreaming about. Check out their challenge projects on their blogs.


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