How Pinteresting!

I mentioned the other day that I took up the Pinterest Challenge from one of my favorite blogs, YoungHouseLove

You can see the video challenge here: the Challenge

The basic premise is that we should spend less time pinning design/DIY ideas, and use one of the ideas we’ve already pinned to beautify our homes.

My project is about a third of the way done. So far I’ve spent less than $20 and had some fun with wood and paint. Hopefully I can get the camera working by Monday so I can do a pictorial reveal.

I’d be further along with the project, but hubby wanted to window shop. Of course we did manage to spend money and bought a pair of glittery shoes for me, a shower caddy and a nice umbrella for the back porch, which we desperately needed because we have no shade whatsover.

Oh, and I found my perfect car – a 2011 Chrysler 200 S. *dies* We did not buy the car. If my camera was working you could see my pouty face now.

Guess I’ll just channel my disappointment by diving into finishing my project.


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