Back from Vacation

There’s almost nothing worse than the first day back at work after a vacation. Today was no exception. Seriously, I feel like I need to wash after a day like this. Ugh!

Anyway, vacation was great. I spent the first half at my mom’s doing some house projects, working on a super secret mission (shhhhh – details later) and, of course, shopping. If you weren’t aware already, shopping is my mom’s super power. We even went to see a movie together. FYI, don’t go see Bridesmaids with your momma. Word to the wise.

So I scored a couple of cute tops, a pair of work pants, and a new pair of running shoes. Boy, I had no idea I needed new ones until I put them on. The old ones feel like bricks now. But they’ll be great for keeping in the car for impromptu gym visits. Hmmm… that might have been a good idea today. Throwing around some iron might have helped.

The second half of the week was certainly more unproductive than the first. I read 9 books in 5 days. Glorious laziness! Of course that means that now I need more reading material. But I also made time to take the first step in a life long dream.

I rented a violin. No, I don’t know how to play one. Yet.

Multiple relatives on both sides of the family have, as adults, picked up instruments and learned how to play. They even played their new chosen instrument well. I expect it to be hard. It is hard, but it is so exciting!

Anybody up for a performance of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”?


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