roy g biv

I’ve been feeling kind of off the past couple of days. Sort of unsettled and a bit under the weather to boot. Saturday I took #1 boy out to Barnes & Nobles to spend his gift cards. We had a good time. He got a hair cut, and some crafty stuff from the art store, and did some fun window shopping. Afterwards I took him to Arby’s where he discovered he likes turkey burgers.

Yesterday I couldn’t settle down at all. I wasn’t feeling well (still not) but I couldn’t sit around so I did laundry and cleaned my room. My closet is so organized now! I even organized all my blouses in rainbow order. Not that it will stay that way for long, but for now I get all roy g biv when the door is opened.

I didn’t bother running over the weekend. Hopefully I’ll feel well enough to get back on the horse tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m going to sit here and knit.


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