4 miles in hell

Oh right – the Corporate 4-miler was last week. Boy, time sure flies. Er… yeah. and stuff…..

Ok, I’ve been busy hosting out of town guests and working late and doing weird things like going to bed at a reasonable hour. But part of the reason I haven’t caught ya’ll up on the scoop is that I tanked it.

There. I said it.

Kids, 30 days is not long enough to build a base for running 4 miles. Especially when those 4 miles are run in 97 degree heat and 53% humidity after a 10 hour day at work. That’s not a real excuse though. My work buddy’s time? 28 minutes. Now that’s a real runner! My time? 58 minutes. Whomp whomp

I did well the first mile, but the heat (and lack of will) started to get the best of me so I walk-ran the second mile. By the time the end of the third mile rolled around I was full-on walking. For some reason, there was no 3 mile marker. I suspect the lady with the spray hose (my favoritest volunteer evah!) marked the end of the third mile. The last mile I half-heartedly stepped it up a few times and trundled at about a 12 minute per mile pace the last 400 feet so that I was at least running through the chute.

Volunteers at the end handed me a bottle of gatorade and a wet wash cloth and as my name was announced, work buddy cheered for me. Yay! He even stood in line with me to get my beer, which I gratefully drank. Apparently I like Bud Lite. Don’t let it get around. It’s embarrassing.

Only one person of my 14 team mates came in at a slower time and it’s only because she walked the whole race. However, my 4 person women’s team did win 3rd place in the financial institution category despite my slow ass finish. Sadly, work buddy didn’t place as an individual and his team was incomplete so his score didn’t net him anything. Boo.

Now I’m focusing on the half marathon in November. I’m building my base before training starts. What a concept, right? I’m trying to get up to 5 milers before August, which is absolutely doable. So far, the plan is to do one short run a week on a treadmill at the gym so I can teach myself to be faster. Work buddy is also going to let me know if there are any tracks around that I can do speed training on.

I’m determined that this half marathon will be much stronger than my first. Wish me luck!


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