Under the starting gun

Good news. It appears as if I have secured the funds to enter not only the half marathon, but the training program as well. I’m very excited because I trained on my own for the last one and I was unhappy with my performance at the race. I don’t push myself hard enough when I don’t have anyone to keep up with. Having a group to live up to will help me get over the limits I give myself.

In other news, I’ve given up the dream of possibly running the entire 4 miler next month in favor of doing a run – walk. Yes, I’m already limiting my performance, but I haven’t really done much running over the past two years and I am on a pretty restrictive diet right now, which limits my potential for rapid increases to any exercise program.

It may sound counterintuitive to start a diet just weeks before a race, but it’s not really. The more weight I can lose, the easier the run will be and the less potential for possible injury that will take me off course for the bigger race in November.

I’m following the 17 day diet and by the time of the first race should be half way through the second cycle of the diet which is more relaxed in terms of allowing complex carbohydrates. If I find during my training that my body needs more simple carbs, I have no issue with introducing items not on the official diet if necessary as I’m not limiting my exercise to the prescribed low amounts. I know that means that I’m not going to lose the amount of weight advertised and I’m completely OK with that.

Here’s my theory with diets. A diet is what you eat. Period. If you limit what you eat too much, it becomes difficult to maintain. And let’s face it, we have to eat. There’s no such thing as cold turkey. So when the time comes that my best friend wants me to eat cake at her birthday party, or I want to split a bottle of wine with my buddies on a Friday open house, or my husband wants to make me shrimp scampi, I’m going to enjoy it and not feel guilty. So long as I can make moderate choices most of the time, I should eventually end up where I think I need to be.

For those playing the home game, these are the two races I’m training for:

FCU Corporate 4 Miler, Thursday June 9. The proceeds benefit Richmond Fit 4 Kids – (Fit4Kids) is a non-profit organization created to improve the health and wellness of children by increasing physical activity and promoting healthy eating. The organization is solely focused on improving children’s health and reducing childhood obesity


The McDonalds Half Marathon on November 12th. It’s the half portion of the Suntrust Richmond Marathon and I’m so excited to take part. It’s been a long time, Virginia!

Donate Life is the official race charity of the SunTrust Richmond Marathon, working to increase organ, eye and tissue donation in Virginia and across the United States. Through educational efforts, Donate Life encourages all Americans to say “yes” to donation and document their decision to become a donor. Today you can make a difference by signing up as an organ and tissue donor.

If you are a Virginia resident you can register to be a donor at http://www.save7lives.org or at the DMV. If you live outside Virginia, please visit http://www.donatelife.net to find out how to sign up in your state. Together we can help save lives.

No pressure, just passing on the info.

Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Under the starting gun

  1. Sadly, between the truck expense, and several other suprise expenses in the two weeks, unless I do some kind of SCA yardsale that goes exceedlingly well, I think I am out of the training. But come hell, high water, or bankruptcy, I am still on for the Half.

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