Spring Creating

I’m into creating lately. My little gardening adventure is coming right along. Remember my poor, frost killed tomato plants that I was going to rip out and replace? Well for once my procrastination has worked for me and they have come back better and bushier than before. The kids are delighted.

The radishes are almost a third of the way to harvesting. Sunflowers are three inches high, the sweet peas have made an appearance and Trip’s giant cabbage is becoming both giant and cabbage-y. I harvested seeds from last year’s marigolds and they are ringing the tomatoes like good little helpers, and there are zinnias and cosmos too.

My Garden

Third grade appears to be the year of the plant. So far this year he has come home with a bean plant, the cabbage, and last week they sent home a pine tree for him to plant. Just between you and me, I hate me a pine tree something fierce but I let him put it in a pot with some pansies (because the tree looked lonely). If I am lucky, the tree won’t make it. Or maybe we can make a bonsai out of it. Do pine trees make good bonsai?

But we still have more plants to put into the ground. There’s garlic, a bell pepper and seeds for cucumber, carrots and zucchini. Not wishing to spend another full day digging out weeds and grass, I broke down and bought that salt of the earth – Roundup to kill the next plot’s worth of vegetation. That’s a project for later in the week.

I am also thinking about sticks and strings again. Moe and I need a place to keep grocery bags so I want to make one of these: . And I’m totally in love with this stunning shawl:

So that’s what’s crawling out of my brain these days. Just between you and me, I wish it was more about decorating the house, but I’ve hit a roadblock where that is concerned. As in, I can’t find what I want for a price I’m willing to pay.


3 thoughts on “Spring Creating

    1. Never mind. I discovered it accidentally just by looking at what is the most popular project on Ravelry right now. I love it so much I want to buy the pattern and rip back the Freya shawl and repurpose the yarn…I am resisting that urge, but only barely.

  1. You could use it as an excuse to acquire more yarn. I am using my credit at the Loopy Ewe to buy some mal lace for the project.

    Glad you found it. I can’t get on my blog during the day unless I want to do it on my phone and that just seems too hard. LOL!

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