Race towards Corporate humiliation…

I figured out that nothing is going to make me lace up my running shoes except for a race, so I signed up for the Corporate 4 miler in June. My coworkers want me to do the Komen 5K next month too, but I think I want to do some test runs first to see where my endurance level is. I know you can walk those things, but I’m not inclined to. If it says “run” or “race” in the title, then walking feels like copping out.

Today would be a great day to run, but my legs hurt from doing yard work yesterday. Our string trimmer isn’t working, so I did all the trimming with hand shears. The fence line alone is 168 feet long, so that translates to about a gagillion squats. It’s supposed to rain for the next two days so it looks as if I’m either going to get wet, or start training later. I’m eager to see where my fitness level lies now. Too bad we only have the one vehicle right now because I’d love to hit the treadmill.

I’ve also signed up to do personal finance workshops for Junior Achievement. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do and it’s nice to finally have the opportunity.

I’ve never been much for volunteering at work. This should be interesting.


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