I almost ate a button.

Sad, but true.

See, I have this bad habit of eating a handful of m&ms after dinner. Some days I organize them by color, and others I just blindly reach into the pile of colorful candy and munch without looking. Today was a reaching blindly sort of day.

Don’t judge me. I see you with your bowl of ice cream.

Anyway, Moe was wearing an older pair of dockers over the weekend and the thread finally wore through. He handed me the button (to sew on later, natch), and I promptly deposited it on the handy dandy little table by my chair where I put all things of high importance, like my diet coke, netbook, and the remote.

You can guess what happened next. Turns out the button has the same feel as a candy coated piece of chocolate. Fortunately, I figured out that there were holes where there ought to be none, or I would have gotten it all the way to my mouth before catching on that it wasn’t going to taste good.

Perhaps this should teach me a lesson. Is it – always sew buttons on right away? Maybe it’s look before you leap. And there’s always, stop eating the candy. Nah.


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