Household Spelunking

I definitely got home in time to plant seeds today, but I decided not to because it is supposed to storm for two days and I didn’t want them to wash away. Instead, I watered the plants already in the ground and did some spelunking in the garage.

We discovered yesterday that there’s plenty of room in the garage, but we’ve boxed ourselves out of the nice clear middle area. My plan today was to grab some of the books and craft supplies that I knew were near the door. So that’s what I did. I rescued my sewing table and some fabric, along with some kid books, candles and photo albums. Now that the weather is getting warmer, those things might begin to suffer in a non-air conditioned space.

The garage isn’t that much cleaner, but we can see the middle now, even if we can’t quite get to it. If I work at it a little bit at a time, it shouldn’t be too onerous a task.


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