“Farmering” and putting down roots.

This is the first weekend in a long time that we have not had plans outside the house. Between events, two wrecked vehicles, and the prolonged move, we simply haven’t had time to put roots down in the new house.

Yesterday, I did some shopping in preparation to put in a little garden in the back yard. I got a few plants, some seeds, and two bags of manure. My plan was to dig up a portion of the weeds by the back fence to put in a small garden that the kids and I could plant and tend.

We sort of got a slow start this morning, as I enjoy watching all those DIY shows on television on a Sunday. I know. It’s sort of pathetic, watching DIY instead of doing it. Trust me, I get the irony.

Anyway, long about noon I finally got outdoors to start my little farming project. The kids wanted to help, but they soon ran off to play with their friends, leaving me to dig out the weeds. Let me tell you, I had no idea it would be so hard!

It’s been about 20 years since the last time I dug a garden bed, and I had forgotten how challenging it can be when done by hand. I’ve been spoiled by having ready dug beds and neighbors with tillers. It took me nearly 4 hours to dig out a small 4 foot by 8 foot patch. The weeds here are tenacious, and the area has a great deal of my nemesis, crabgrass.

Moe spent the afternoon reassembling our shed which was transported in pieces. Long story, that. The first time it was assembled, it took three strong friends and six hours. This time, Moe tackled it on his own (with my help getting the piers under the platform). He could periodically be heard to say “One Man – One Screwdriver” in what I call his “movietone voice”. It was pretty hysterical. I know our dear friends will be surprised that he got nearly the whole thing up today, with just the roof ridge left to go.

The cultivating would have been much easier if I had a hoe, but I made do with our stiff metal rake. Moe kept teasing me about my dogged “farmering” as I beat the heck out of the weeds in my tiny little plot. Once I got out as many roots as possible, I raked in a bag of manure and had just enough energy to rally the boys. Trip planted his giant cabbage. Christopher planted the big tomato, and I planted the cherry tomato.

None of the seeds went into ground as it was time to cook dinner and I was worn out. I hope to get home from work tomorrow in time to plant a few and water them in but I won’t be able to put in many as the plot is so bitty. There’s more grass seed to put down too. Big yard = lots of work.

If I weren’t too tired, I’d take a bath in the big tub. I think if I tried it now, I might fall asleep and drown. Ha ha!!


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