We’re in!

We finally have the house nominally set up and hosted our first Friday open house here. I got to do house tours and had such a good time with our guests.

It’s odd how much fun I’m having doing simple things like arranging the pantry and deciding which cabinet the plates belong in. Of course, most of our belongings are still in boxes in the garage. The house looks so nice without all the normal clutter. I told Moe that I want to bring in one box at a time and heavily edit as I unpack. There shouldn’t be anything here that doesn’t give me joy. No more junk!

There are still little annoyances to get past like the fact that our kitchen cabinets still need some work done and the shower in the master bath needs to be replaced due to a manufacturing defect. Just little bumps in the road though. It will all be taken care of. I love my builder!

There’s nothing better than sitting in front of the fireplace in my new home!


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