Beautiful Images-A Design Process

One of the things I really want to do in the new house is decorate. For the last 10 years, we’ve just been randomly moving things in and living with them. We have a lot of forest green furniture by fluke, which is something I intend to correct very soon!

Of course, I’ve been doing decorating research because that’s pretty much my favorite part of any project. Once I figured out that buying decorating magazines was expensive, not filling my needs, AND adding to the clutter, I resorted to independent bloggers. Why? Because I got daily fresh input from people who are both better at this than me, and dedicated to creating interesting and entertaining content.

A recurring theme is creating a mood board. A mood board is sort of a collage of ideas that helps narrow down how you want your space to feel. Here’s an example from C’est La Vie Events.

I love this craft room inspiration picture for my own craft space!

Yesterday Moe braved the home improvement store with me so I could grab some paint samples. I snapped a pretty bad picture of the palette I want to work with on my smart phone.

And of course, I have definite ideas of things I want in certain spaces like this console table for the foyer:

I found it at Tuesday Morning, but when I went back to get it someone had purchased it already.

Tuesday Morning did have some other lovely things that I liked such as these floor lamps:

This great tourquoise glass lamp:

And this fun collection of great colored lamps with oval, basket weave shades:

I have tons of ideas, but the ones that are the most exciting for me are still the crafting space. Inspiration is everywhere and my plans change daily. I hope you continue to follow along. In the meantime I leave you with my favorite image of the day from Designed2b Beautiful


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