Fat Girl Running

I’ve decided to start running again. For my 40th birthday, nearly 2 years ago, I challenged myself to run a half marathon and I did it. Afterwards I took what was supposed to be a short break and all hell broke loose in my life. That break has extended until now.

But suddenly, I really miss running. I REALLY miss it. Of course, that may be partially due to the fact that I’m at my heaviest weight ever; but I figure whatever motivates you is a good thing.

Well, the other day I sort of mentioned it on my Facebook status, and my friend Christine offered to run with me. We tentatively picked a Komen Run for the Cure 5K, but later decided there was another event on the same day that should take precedence.

I’m excited though. When I started running, very few of my friends ran. Now more of them are getting in on the act and I’m thrilled. I can’t wait to get out there on the road and start feeling like myself again. Time to lace up those shoes and move.

P.S. Yay, springtime!!!!!


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