Color my Treehouse!

As the day I close on our new house approaches, I find myself getting excited about moving in and actually living in the space. It still feels like a dream, but all we are missing now is flooring, light fixtures and a driveway. Two weeks and counting!

One of the most exciting aspects of the move is knowing I can get my workbench and tools out of storage. It has been so hard not having any outlet for my glasswork over the past eight months. I have missed my kiln so much!!! I’m a little worried that I didn’t save much glass when we packed. I probably only have 200 pounds, which isn’t really a lot when you figure that most of that is in small sheets. Worse comes to worse, I know I have lots of rods and fuel for the torch is pretty low cost. It never hurts to practice off-hand skills.

One of the other things I am super happy about is the fifth bedroom which is going to be my sewing/craft room. It’s on the third floor and looking out the window makes me feel like I am in a treehouse.
The Treehouse

I can’t wait to paint this room. Of course the entire house is painted contractor cream, but I’ve been planning colors since the day I signed the contract. Right now I’m dithering between a soft spring green on the walls and a light blue on the ceiling like this one from

But since this will be the only “girls only” space, I’ve played around with warm, pale pink walls like this one from Martha Stewart

I love the delicate pink walls with the taupe woodwork. I’d be hard pressed to decide between the taupe and cream.

I’d love opinions. What colors should I paint my treehouse?


One thought on “Color my Treehouse!

  1. What about spring green and pink? I would go with a slightly “grayer” green than the one in that top picture (a little sagey green) and that antique-ish pink in the Martha photo, and you have a pretty, feminine room that evokes early spring. In my mind, I see white sheers over the window, and sort of distressed, cream colored antique-ish furnishings.

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