Fire on the Mountain

I am obsessed by a yarn.  This yarn:Fire on the Mountain“.  It looks like an angry rainbow and I’ve been dying to try Socks that Rock since I heard of it for the first time in 2009.

It’s not even like I need more sock yarn.  Friends can attest to my insane sock yarn addiction.  For heaven’s sake, I’m closing on my new house in two weeks.  Will the yarn even get here while I still live here?

Not sensible.  But this is how I deal with stress.  I can’t afford to do major retail therapy just now, but sock yarn is cheap.  No, really.  Why do you think I have so much of it?  It’s not like I can go down to Anthropologie and get a cute top for $20.  Everyone knows the cute tops never last long enough to get discounted that far.
And maybe I just get off on having some angry rainbow feet sometime in the future.  Because this yarn is mine.  My kids are not allowed to lay claim, no matter how much they want mommy to knit them wee little socks and mittens.


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