Change Begets Change

I want to knit a shawl or a stole.  There’s at least one shawl on the needles that I would be happy to pick up and finish.  My Aolian shawl has been sitting unfinished since 2009 and it’s the primary reason I started knitting again in the first place.

Yup, those are tiny little seed beads on lace weight yarn.  It’s gorgeous and I want it to be done, even if the thought of blocking it scares me witless.  I tend to be an aggressive blocker and can just picture snapping the yarn and having thousands of loose seed beads on the floor and me melting down because all my meticulous work is undone.

I’m upbeat like that.

But I feel compelled to finish making the Masonic Lodge Socks for my husband first.  After all, he bought me my first nice yarn two years ago with the injunction that I make him a pair of socks.  Here I sit, two years later and I have never made those socks.

Sadly, I feel the intense need for change and socks are more of the same.  Even the thought of yummy Lorna’s Laces Shepard Sock yarn running through my fingers isn’t doing it for me.

It’s amazing that I feel the need for change at all, since there has been so much upheaval over the past year.  But I think stepping down from my volunteer position of many years yesterday has thrown me a little for a loop and I need a challenge to fill the void.

On the other hand, it is super bowl sunday and socks will be easier to pick up dropped stitches on than that shawl.  I’m a Packers fan so I know there will be some thoughtless knitting going on at some point.


One thought on “Change Begets Change

  1. Socks were the right choice last night, and it was great to see you and hang out. I was at the casting on stage for my second leyburn sock and did not feel I could give it proper attention to even attempt it last night.

    I love love love Aeolian and want to knit it myself (eventually). If you need or want blocking assistance, you know who to call. I love the process of obsessing over wet, mangled looking lace, and watching it turn into something really special.

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