Dipping a toe in….

I moved to a new city for work seven months ago and am living in a rental with my two kids, husband, dog, cat and boxes of stuff that used to be my stable life environment.  Included in those boxes are my running shoes and lots and lots of yummy yarn.

I’d unpack those boxes, but I’m moving again in a month.  Ever move twice in one year?  Don’t if you can avoid it.  We were trying to avoid it, but fate moves in mysterious ways and they say when one door opens, best pick up your shit and go through it.

Ok, I’m paraphrasing here…..

At any rate, I’m a former distance runner and newish knitter.  I’m also a former avid blogger and I have found that I miss putting pixels to pages enough to embark on a new blogging adventure.

I thought it would be fun to write about my new life and the things I’d like to include in it.  Those things being knitting, getting my run on again (I hope) and decorating my new house.

See, we’re building a house.  Gosh, it sounds so weird to even say that!  I never thought we would do that in a million years, but sometimes things happen when you don’t plan them.  It feels a bit unreal, particularly after spending the last 10 years in a 1932 Colonial with all the charm (and headaches) that comes with an octogenarian home.

So that is the beginning of the story.  Thanks for reading!


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